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Air Source

Utilizes the air to warm your heating system. This currently is not covered for RHI payments scheme.

Heat pumps are available in several forms but we are only giving information on the following:

  • Air to Water (Air Source)
  • In Ground (Ground Source)

They all produce heat without the necessity of Gas or LPG to function.

Heat pumps work on the principle of removing the smallest amount of heat from the air or ground and then by compressing it to produce a higher heat output. This output is normally enough to heat your home. Heat Pumps work efficiently on temperatures as low as –5°C. Both systems require electricity to function with a ratio of 3 to 1 (heat produced by electricity). In other words they are 300% efficient.

Air Source

Air source heat systems have an external heat pump unit which varies in size dependant on the output required.

They are more suited to newer highly insulated proper­ties.

They can be integrated with existing heating systems but work better with slow response, low temperature heating systems such as under floor heating. They will work with existing systems but may not be as efficient.

They have an estimated life-span of 20 years.

Homes which take a while to heat up or which cool down quickly may not ben­efit from this type of technology.

A second heat source may be required during very cold conditions.