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What is power flushing?

Power flushing is where a chemical is added to the system to loosen and remove iron oxide (sludge) and scale build up within the radiators, pipework and boiler.  This is then flushed out and further chemicals added to inhibit the re-occurrence of sludge and scale.

How would I know if my system requires power flushing?

There are tell tails signs of a system that requires power flushing.  If you can answer yes to any of the questions below, then your system may need to be power flushed.

  • Are your radiators not performing as well as they used to?
  • Do one or more of your radiators have severe cold spots?
  • Is your boiler noisy?
  • Has your boiler gas consumption increased over recent years?
  • Do you get dirty, black water out of your radiator vents when you bleed them?

How does sludge or scale build up in my system?

Every time your system is repressurised or topped up either by a filling loop or via the tank in the loft, fresh water is added which reacts with the metal of the pipework and radiators.  As time progresses the inhibitor levels in the system become so diluted that they become ineffective.  Regular topping up of inhibitor levels can reduce scale and sludge build up.

My system is only a couple of years old, does it need power flushing?

Even new systems may require power flushing.  The system may not have been treated when it was originally installed and installation debris can cause problems within the pipework and radiators.  Inhibitors may not have been added to the system, again causing problem.

What does it cost?

To power flush a standard 8 radiator system  £365.00 (includes all chemicals required to carry out the power flush).

Each additional radiator over 8 will be an additional £25.00.

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