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If you are experiencing problems with your heating or hot water system, please check the following: Is the boiler switched off? Check the boilers main on/off switch is turned on, and that the boiler is switched on at the power socket.

Is the water pressure in the boiler above 1.5 on the pressure gauge.? If not, turn the boiler off and refill using the filling assembly either below the boiler or it amay be built into the underneath of the boiler. Refill to 1.5, turn off the filling assembly and then proceed to turn the boiler back on. It should now fire for the heating to come on if set to do so, or when a tap is ran.

Does your boiler have a pilot light? Is it lit? You will have to follow your manufacturers instructions on how to light this. If you Register & Logon, you can use the links to popular boiler manufacturers where you may be able to download your boiler instruction manual.

Try pressing the reset button on the boiler several times. Check you have gas at another appliance, if not check your gas meter. This may be the cause of the failure.

Try turning the boiler off at the main wall switch – wait a few moments then switch it back on.

Is your boiler set to heating and hot water mode. Most boilers have a summer/winter button, where it will only produce hot water if in the summer setting. Place this button into winter mode and the boiler should fire.

Is your central heating controlled by a clock? Is this clock set for the heating to be on? Check the times programmed into the clock and if necessary switch to constant, the boiler should now fire.

Is the room thermostat turned down too low? Turn it up and the boiler should now fire.

Is the tap being run too fast? with combination boilers, the slower the running water, the hotter it is. You must also make sure that only one hot tap is used at a time, or the performance will be degraded.

If you have a hot water cylinder, is the clock set for the cylinder to heat up? If so has the cylinder been on long enough to heat up? It takes between 30 and 240 minutes to re-heat the cylinder, subject to cylinder size and system design.

System Problems

System Problems can range from cold radiators, boilers loosing pressure, no heating or no domestic hot water.

Cold Radiators

Do you have one or more radiators that are cold? This could be due to stuck radiator valves not allowing the central heating water to flow through the radiator or due to a blockage in the pipework to the radiator. Where a system has a blockage – the affected pipework would have to be removed, power flushing a system that is already blocked would not remedy the fault.


System Pressure Loss

Are you having to repressurise your central heating system more frequently? If there are no visible leaks on the boiler and the safety pressure relief pipe is not venting water, then a further investigation of the system must be made. A small pressure loss can indicate slightly weeping radiator valves. Where a more dramatic water loss is evident, then a leak on system is possible. This can be due to a fitting on the central heating system having failed or where the pipework has corroded or pin holed. Water damage may not be evident straight away and may take time to show

No Heating or Hot Water

On traditional systems this can be caused by debris from the tanks in the loft blocking the pipework. This can cause several problems as it travels around the system. The only remedy to this is to have the blocked pipework replaced.

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