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Solar PV (Photovoltaic)

Production of electricity via solar collectors.  This product qualifies for the Feed in Tariff payments (FiT).

Solar PV is made up of modules, typically around 1m x 1.5m. Arrays can be de­signed to accommodate virtually any size and shape of roof as they can be mount­ed vertically and horizontally.

Ideally they should face south at a pitched angle of between 30° and 50° from the horizontal to give the best overall annual perform­ance. Installations facing anywhere to the south of due east and due west are feasible, although outputs will be reduced. Installation is not recommended on roofs facing north.

Seasonal Performance—the winter months generate sig­nificantly less electricity compared to the summer months. Solar electricity does not require direct sunlight and can still generate electricity on cloudy days.

You will generate ap­proximately 1/3 of the energy on a cloudy day as on a sunny day at the same time of year.

Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) and exporting electricity.

You can get paid for the electricity you generate with your solar PV array. The scheme guarantees a mini­mum payment for all electricity generated by the system (generation tariff), as well as an additional pay­ment for the electricity exported to the grid (export tariff).

These payments are in addition to the bill sav­ings made by using the electricity generated on-site. The amount of energy generated will be measured by an approved generation meter. Currently export payments through FiTs will be deemed at 50% regard­less of how much you do actually export (until Smart Meters are introduced).